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Bryan Chaney

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Bryan Chaney

Bryan Chaney is a multi-faceted business person with skills that translate across a vast and diverse range of expertise.

Bryan Chaney began his career after graduating from Penn State University. Bryan’s success can be attributed to his uncanny ability to provide value to his clients through:

Clear Communication Regarding Goals
Building a Strategic Approach to the Opportunity
And Saving Time, Money and Energy in Process

Bryan’s chief aim is to help others achieve their dream of owning/renting a home, or commercial properties in Frederick, Maryland and the surrounding region.

As a REALTOR™, Bryan upholds the highest standard of ethics in the real estate market. Uniquely qualified to help you, Bryan understands that buying and selling real estate is business, serious business. Bryan has sold everything from ball bearings to bicycles. Bryan’s success as an entrepreneur, sales executive and marketing executive provide you the skills and expertise needed in today’s fast paced, tumultuous real estate market. A savvy technician, Bryan can harness the power of today’s technology while providing his hard won experience as a powerful two prong approach to capitalizing on your investment.

Chaneygang, LLC Real Estate provides:

Buyers Agent
Listing Agent
A Portfolio of Rental Properties for Lease.
Property Management Services
Portfolio Development

Contact Bryan
Office Phone 301.698.3232
Cellphone 301.514.4515